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Electronic Document Management is a document management system for collective work with data and its delivery to users.
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On the electronic document management system

Documents are among the fundamental elements in history. Records were required to adopt laws and strategies.

Herewith, controlling, managing, tracking, and securing documents has become more challenging in an era when they can be copied and distributed across global networks in seconds. Tracking documents, verifying their relevance and authenticity, ensuring their protection from illegal disclosure, and speeding up their development, update, approval, and distribution are vexing challenges for all of us.

A paper-free office looks as follows: it is a workplace where the use of paper is limited or even excluded. This means your documents will be digital, which may bring many benefits. It can save your business funds and workspace, increase productivity, facilitate documenting and sharing data, improve information storage security, and help create a green office.

The goal of businesses and governmental bodies is to pass to a paper-free office since they understand the benefits. The only question is how this can be achieved. Several issues and problems should be addressed to pass to paper-free recordkeeping.

The COLVIR Electronic Document Management System is a system aimed at managing corporate documents.

It allows using uniform tools and methods to ensure collective work with any kind of information and delivering it to all the corporate system users and external agents.

Administration, configuration, and integration with other corporate systems are simple and fast. The platform solutions and capabilities ensure its operation as a unified system in companies with organizational structures of varying complexity. The work of subdivisions and branches in a unified system of the regional distribution network is also supported.

The system has all the opportunities to arrange a unified electronic document flow:

  • Teamwork on drawing up a document, including the introduction of the document versions
  • Recording documents incoming from widespread sources
  • Electronic signature
  • Electronic confirmation and approval of documents
  • Distributing and forwarding documents to staff for review
  • Complete records of the document flow
  • Various notifications of any actions of other process participants
  • Granting access rights
  • Multilevel confirmation procedure
  • Control over the implementation of documents and guidelines
  • Ability to obtain regular and analytical reports
  • Search by attributes
  • Context-oriented search according to pre-identified and indexed data
  • Work with document versions, complex multi-component and multi-format documents, attachments
  • Electronic distribution of documents
  • Generating documents by scanning and recognition
  • Reducing the costs for accessing data and processing documents

The system ensures meeting the most complex customers’ requirements, allows quickly managing a lot of materials and supporting the simultaneous work of a large number of users. The system applies security measures including digitalization of content, access control, and digital deletion of data. The technologies meet all the standard requirements for the protection of information.

The main electronic document management benefits include the following:

  • centralized, structured, and systematic storage of documents in an electronic archive
  • reduced costs for printing, postage, and storage of paper invoices
  • a uniform approach to the drawing up and processing of documents
  • reduced time of delivery, recording, and approval of documents
  • the prompt signing of documents
  • possibility to perform any operations with documents: search, downloading, printing, reconciliation, rejection, and tracking online in 24x7 mode
  • fast document search

The exchange confidentiality is ensured by encrypting the documents: Electronic Digital Signature (EDS) ensures the identification of the signer and the transmitted document integrity. The electronic document delivery is guaranteed by the document flow operator.

Saving time: Employees spend less time searching for paper documents. The central database ensures regular backup of files, thereby eliminating the possibility of irretrievably losing documents. It completely excludes the time loss for searching for files and documents, which are not in their places for some reasons.

Using physical space and equipment: valuable areas occupied by unnecessary servers and other document storing devices can be freed. Depending on the data status and relevance, documents and files can be safely deleted upon their retention period expires. Data management allows more adequately using storage space.

Increasing the transparency of the internal enterprise activity: EDMS allows managers to monitor the document status throughout all stages of its coordination and approval. Also, the EDMS allows promptly and easily obtain not only the file requested but also a complete report on who has created, accessed, and edited it.

Reduced costs for printing, postage stamps, envelopes, and sending: paper documents exchanged between departments or suppliers can be sent electronically.

  • When entering the system, the printed copy is completely digitized and as a result, the document can be retrieved by any word
  • Distribution of action plans, orders, decisions, directives, and other documents by sections and sending them as a task for execution, as well as the possibility of tracking the execution results
  • Possibility of choosing several documents among the tasks and sending them to a single user
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