Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

29.12.2021 10:48, Moscow, Russia

Dear friends!

We are about to enter 2022. For two years in a row already we have been witnessing serious changes taking place in the world, and we find ourselves in the thick of it all. The pandemic has kicked off a global process of changes: the borderline between on-premises and distance working is getting blurred, remote service delivery is developing exponentially, new and broader opportunities emerge for people in a number of occupations and for residents of remote regions. At the same time we are witnessing a building-up in expectations that individuals and companies have for service ease of use and availability, the rate at which new products are brought to market is speeding up.

Colvir customers in different countries are also noting an upsurge in consumer expectations, as well as speeding up of processes in all activity areas. Services must be available 24/7 and must run uninterrupted. This requires technology transformation effort from banks, as well as from software developers: introduction of state-of-the art approaches to production and customer service delivery, solution performance improvement.

Our company, Colvir Software Solutions, is entering 2022 with ambitious plans for product development, for strengthening partnership relations with our customers, and for soaring to new heights. We are closely following market needs, and are using our best efforts to evolve, so that we continue to be a most useful and reliable IT solution supplier for our customers. We see the high rating of trust from banks that we have accumulated over the years of successful operations as a reward, and at the same time as a responsibility and as an incentive to keep growing and developing further.

Cheerfully looking forward into the future and with trust in success we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We wish you prosperity, development and happiness.


Alexander Bogdanov

Director and CEO

Colvir Software Solutions

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