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Customers of Colvir Software Solutions are central and commercial banks, national postal operators, as well as some real economy actors. We are present in over 20 countries of the world, and we are market leaders in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

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… The partnership style of relationship between Delta Bank JSC and Colvir Software Solutions besides facilitating management of current tasks, enables the Bank to address its future requirements in the area of information technologies needed to support business development. The Colvir solution facilitates execution of all key operations and business processes within a single information space thus bringing about a reduction in the operating costs.

We would like to express our satisfaction with our Colvir collaboration and confirm stable serviceability of the implemented software, its state-of-the-art functionality standards, and Colvir highly professional approach to methodology development, analysis, system implementation and support.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management A.K. Aitimov

Kazakhstan Zhilstroysberbank JSC (Kazakhstan Housing Construction Savings Bank) has been collaborating with Colvir Software Solutions Ltd for over 3 years, using the Colvir end-to-end solution to support all its business lines.

Besides helping the bank to deal with its tasks at hand, the partnership style of relations between Kazakhstan Zhilstroysberbank and Colvir Software Solutions enables the bank to successfully address its future business development objectives.

We, Kazakhstan Zhilstroysberbank JSC, are happy to note that our collaboration with Colvir Software Solutions Ltd. has been fruitful and mutually beneficial, and would hereby like to confirm utmost software serviceability, excellent quality of system development and support, extensive experience and high level of skills of Colvir personnel.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management A. Kozhanbayev

Our experience in collaboration between the Bank and Colvir Software Solutions in the area of IT solutions confirms the high level of Colvir reliability as a partner.

The Colvir software implemented in Center Credit Bank demonstrate the high professionalism of Colvir personnel, indicate great growth potential of Colvir and confirm continuous further development of its products.

Center Credit Bank JSC intends to continue developing its collaboration with its partner Colvir and implement further solutions from Colvir Software Solutions Ltd.

Managing Director Nurlan Zh. Sarsebekov

People’s Bank of Kazakhstan JSC (Halyk Bank) has been successfully using Colvir Core Banking System from Colvir Software Solutions Ltd. since September 2001 года.

Colvir CBS is continuously developing, and it helps the bank to increase the level of business process automation, develop further its product line, improve customer service quality.

People’s Bank of Kazakhstan JSC is completely satisfied with its interaction with Colvir Software Solutions Ltd., confirms high quality of product development and own product support services, experience and qualification of Colvir professional staff.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management Kuat K. Kusainbekov

Colvir have proven themselves as a reliable partner during the complete period of technical support service period, delivering their services with a high quality. The speed of response to requests from the Bank has always been adequate.

Colvir have performed regular System version updates as part of their technical support services. All system update activities are executed within a short period of time and with appropriate quality.

Colvir technical support demonstrate advanced competences in the area of IT, as well as in applied banking domains.

I can recommend Colvir as a reliable partner capable of implementing projects of the highest complexity level.

IT Director Rustem Kamaleyev

... Based on the outcomes of its implementation at the State Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan “Presidentbank” in the course of 2011 through 2012, the CBS-3 solution has demonstrated the kind of high security and performance standards that are essential for the Bank. The system flexibility and setup simplicity have facilitated mastering and description of all business processes within the Bank by the joint effort of the Colvir implementation team and our Bank employees. The user friendliness, simplicity and intuitive nature of the CBS-3 user interface enabled Bank personnel to start using the system virtually from the moment of go-live of the first subset of system applications. The Colvir implementation team demonstrated their high level of competence by carrying out system implementation and effecting the Bank’s migration to IFRS within shortest feasible timescales.

The system is an advanced end-to-end integrated solution that meets all the requirements of our Bank. Besides speeding up all operations within the Bank, it has also enabled us to raise our quality standards to a new much higher level.

Chairman of the Board of Management Nurgeldy Sazakov

The whole project was completed by Colvir in less than 15 months which was even slightly ahead of schedule, and strictly within budget. The project scope included 27 distinct business modules from both retail and corporate banking domains, and involved more than a dozen people from the vendor, mostly business and technical consultants. We can only say good words about all the vendor personnel who were involved in our project on site: all knowledgeable and willing to share their knowledge, all hard working and all positively motivated. The quality of vendor personnel was probably the key factor in making our project an unqualified success.

We are quite satisfied with the quality of maintenance and support services that we have been receiving from Colvir since the successful go-live of the Colvir system, and we have been extending the scope of our collaboration with further incremental projects to deploy new functionality.

What we find particularly useful is the Colvir Product Factory which helps us by dramatically reducing time to market for launching new products and services to address frequent challenges created by changes in the economy and take advantage of new opportunities that such changes bring.

Chairman of the Bank Tojidin Pirzoda

The system is a state-of-the art end-to-end integrated solution for postal organizations, and it delivers automation of posta  and financial services, accounting, resource planning and management. System implementation has enabled us to establish a common information space for the 1,200 Azerpost branches. The banking modules that are part of the overall system, support  the provision of banking services within the same environment - Azerpost has been providing such services since 2010 when a banking license was granted to Azerpost by the Central Bank of Azerbaijan. The system also enables us to follow the flow of funds in real time, monitor mailings processing timelines, and obtain reliable reports at any point in time. Accounting automation that is  compliant with both national and international standards has brought about a significant reduction in the cost of supporting our business 

At present Colvir Software Solutions are providing technical support for the system, while at the same time investing significant resources in its further development. We are satisfied with the level of services that we are receiving, and expect our collaboration with the vendor to be long-term and productive.

Deputy Director General Nazim Suleymanov

Colvir Software Solutions is currently taking part in such large scale projects of Kazpost as automation of all rural post office branches, deployment of remote customer service delivery leveraging a modern multi-channel facility, as well as providing to Kazpost system support and maintenance services

Colvir are making significant investments into upgrading and further development of their system thus ensuring the continued relevance and state-of-the-art status of the system. In 2010 KazPost migrated to version 3 of the Colvir system. The continuous development of the system enables us to quickly bring to market new products and compete successfully with other players in the postal and financial services market.

We are fully satisfied with the system functionality, supplier reliability and the level of services provided, and we are looking forward to long term fruitful collaboration with Colvir Software Solutions in the future.

Division CEO N. Kusainov